Top 10 Movie List From 1985-2018

  Movies are something that most of us enjoy and have our own personal favorites. Curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and some candy. Movie night is a weekly thing in my house and we love to sit back and enjoy one of our favorites that we've probably already seen more than a … Continue reading

Work With Me

    I am a mom of a wonderful girl who is a pre-teen as of right now. I am currently an Elementary teacher working with 3rd graders and created this blog to share the experiences I have as both a mom and a teacher. I wanted to share with others what I have found that works for me in … Continue reading

Destress and Take a Hike

With the Easter holiday here I wanted to get out and enjoy the nice weather today knowing that it is going to be about 20+ degrees colder tomorrow. It was going to be just my daughter and I, but luckily my sister and her family wanted to go as well. There is a vast amount of Selenite gypsum that … Continue reading